Organizational History

Youth Services

Summer Youth Employment Program: is a program designed to reduce violence involvement by providing career exposure, develop employability skills through training and enrichment opportunities for youth participants ages 14-24 years old. Youth will be engaged in program opportunities. The support services to include but not limited to : job readiness workshops, financial literacy, community service projects and enrichment opportunities.

Employment Services

Employment Preparation and Placement program model is to provide high – need individuals ages 20-55 years old with the necessary job readiness training (JRT) and Placement supports to obtain and sustain employment with wages above the standard City Minimum Wage. Participants will complete the JRT that will be directly linked to placement into full time permanent employment ( minimum 20 hours per week) with an expected retention of at least 90 day of employment.

Health Services

Le Penseur refers it’s clients, participants and consumers to highly professional agencies that are partners in the network systems. These partners have signed Memorandums of Understandings with us and they provide direct services

City Chicago Community Justice Initiative

CJI will focus on working with juveniles, young and emerging adults, and the general population, living with the 18 wards that comprise the black Caucus that are in police custody, facing criminal charges, and more. The Initiative’s main focus and goal is to ensure people receive proper education and information about their rights and the many existing resources that are available to them, have access to quality legal resources and defense when they are in police custody, and individuals who require further help.