Youth Services

Mayor’s Mentoring Initiavtive(MMI)


MENTOR Illinois is the unifying champion for quality youth mentoring in Illinois, providing resources, technical assistance, heightened public awareness and advocacy for the state’s mentoring movement. MENTOR Illinois is committed to helping the over 400 youth mentoring programs currently operating in Illinois to ensure that their programming meets national best practice standards and to help them find the mentors and support they need to serve the many children in need in their communities. MENTOR Illinois is also committed to helping close the substantial “mentoring gap” in Illinois.While thousands of children in our state already have the benefit of caring supportive volunteer mentors, far more desperately need that support. In fact, almost 1 in 5 children and youth in Illinois report that they do not have a caring adult to whom they can turn for guidance and support.

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One Summer Chicago Youth Employment

Our program target residents that reside in the city of chicago. Lepenseur’s summer program works with over 500 youth every summer. Part of our summer progrma is to recruit and establish placement partnerships with businesses throughout Chicago. We currently have over 150 partnerships in the following industries; Hospitality, food and beverages, legal transportation, child care, educational institutions, government institution, technology, health, manufacturing and retail.

This employment placement for youth is designed to cultivate their career paths.